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Welcome to Christopher Piano Service information page.

Our standards are high. Our staff and technicians are among the best in the piano industry.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer:

Piano Tuning - We come to your location and professionally tune your piano - $125.00

Piano repair - We do minor and major piano repairs. We come out and inspect your piano and give you a written quote on what cost and timeframe to repair your piano. Once you decide to have us repair your piano, we try to do the minor work at your location. All major repairs are done at our piano workshop.

Piano inspection - We come to your location and give you a professional inspection of your piano. These can also be used for insurance values and for pre-purchasing of your piano - $150

Insurance Quotes - We come to your location after something major has happened to your piano. We then give you a written quote on the total cost for repairs that you can send into your insurance company -$125

Piano moving - We will professionally move your piano from one location to another. We use all the proper equipment to insure that your piano makes it as safe as possible from one location to the next. We have moved thousands of pianos and know how to keep your piano safe - $300 ( anything over ten miles we must charge $1 per mile to cover our fuel cost.

Purchase Consultation - Thinking of buying a used piano? Have it checked out first. Call the piano master to evaluate the condition and make sure there are no hidden problems. This could save you a a great deal of headaches and money in the future. $100

Deep cleaning: - Like everything else in your home, your piano requires periodic cleaning. We come out to you and do a deep piano cleaning. This ensures that all the parts in your piano ( a little over 9,000) will all work properly together and give you the feel that you desire in your piano. This also ensures that your piano will not start to obtain sticky parts. One of the biggest problems in a piano is that people do not understand how important keeping the inside of your piano clean is. Dust over the years can cause big problems in your piano. The cleaner you keep your piano the longer it will sound beautiful and last. $200

The single most important thing you can do to keep your piano clean and operating well is to keep it clean and keep all food and drinks away from it.

Reconditioning - Some repairs are so minor they can be done as part of a piano tuning. In other cases, parts may have to be replaced. Repair costs are determined by the part needing replacement plus the time and skill involved to fix it.

Piano Storage - We offer short and long term piano storage for your piano. We will pick up your piano and take it to one of our climate controlled storage facilities. We will store your piano for as long as you need it stored. Once you are ready for you piano, we will deliver it to you and set it back up. We will then set up a time to send out a one of our piano tuners to get your piano sounding beautiful. $150 every 3 months plus pick up fee.

There are also times when your piano needs reconditioning. This means your technician will clean, repair, and adjust the instrument for peak performance. This service is reserved for pianos with only moderate wear or those pianos that only require average performance.

You can count on the piano master to handle any type of repair.

For more information or to schedule a estimate, please contact us either via email at info@christopherpiano.com. You may also call us at (408) 718-7343

You can reach us from 9am to 9pm Monday thru Saturday.

We look forward to serving you.

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