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Pre-purchase program:

Before you make your investment on any used piano, we strongly suggest that you have a pre-purchase inspection done on the piano. It takes a trained eye to see everything about a piano and assess the true value of the piano and see any repairs that it may need. There are over 9,000 parts inside every piano made. Can you really afford to replace or repair them? Could you imagine what it would cost to repair or replace all those parts?

Many pianos are built to last hundreds of years. However, if previous owners of the piano didn't understand piano maintenance, then you may be purchasing a "money pit" piano.

The truth is that pianos can still play even if they have several parts inside that may be in need of repair. But they will not last forever. They will break, come apart or just quit working. Unless you are a trained as a piano technician you really don't know what to look out for.

We once where called out to tune and do minor repairs on a piano that a very nice couple purchased without a pre-purchase inspection. They thought that they did everything they could to ensure that they where making a smart decision on the piano that they had chosen to purchase. They researched the internet and studied the best brands and pricing as well as manufacturers reputations. This couple did their research on preciously owned pianos that they were interested in.

Upon arriving at their home, I began to inspect the piano before I started any repair work. It took me about two minutes to see that they had purchased a piano that had previously had mice living inside it. All the bridal straps where taken from the action and used as a nest underneath the piano keys.

The mice had used the piano for everything including a restroom. The couple had two very young children, a nice home, and a mouse infested piano. They immediately wanted the piano out of their home. They didn't know how to inspect the piano but they did know that the piano was unsafe to have in their home and around small children.

They lost all the money that they had paid for the piano. They also had to go elsewhere and purchase yet another piano. By not having a trained piano technician look at their piano prior to them purchasing it, it ended up costing them twice as much to own a piano.

This story is only one of many that we have seen first hand.

Please be smart and have your piano inspected before you make the purchase. It might just be the best money that you ever spent!

It only cost $150 for a pre-purchase inspection. I think it is well worth it.
We inspect some of the finest piano and organs in the world.
A standard set of grand piano action ready for inspection.
It is important to look deep inside prior to purchase.
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Piano Inspections